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Businesses are moving to Cloud Computing for many different reasons, but there are a few that resonate across the board: cost, usability, and innovation. Put simply, businesses want to cut current costs while providing employees with a service that is easy to use and is constantly improving. Google Apps fits that bill. Singapore government support Cloud Computing with incentives for businesses to adopt.  Learn more

Private Secure IaaS

For Cloud Hosting in Singapore and Hong Kong our partners include Softlayer, Readyspace, Rackspace and Microsoft.

Through our partners Cloud Solutions offers a range of Windows and Linux servers along with SAN storage, backup and firewalls with VPN connections. We can recommend the best partner for your requirements and locations.

For Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) pricing will depend on a number factors including private cloud dedicated servers or public cloud with virtual servers running Linux or Windows and the resources required.

Cloud IaaS services are used where a company needs to host business database applications such as ERP, CRM or e-commerce web sites in the Cloud. Full managed services are available where all licenses and maintenance of the server is provided excluding your application running on the hosted server.

Cloud-PBX VoIP Hosting

Cloud Hosted PBX for small to mid-sized organisations. Asterisk is a world leading PBX and is now offered by Cloud Solutions to Singapore businesses.

Cloudpbx hosted PBX singapore

Remove the cost of all telephone calls between offices by adopting Cloud PBX and VoIP. Connect Singapore - Malaysia - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Taiwan - Shanghai - Beijing - Tokyo - Sydney - Auckland and more.


Pricing starts at SGD$135 per month for 10 extensions and 4 channels. Supply of quality IP Phones with full outsourced management. Low low cost IDD calls, SIP Trunks and virtual phone numbers.

Remove the cost of all telephone calls between offices by adopting Cloud PBX and VoIP. Connect Singapore - Malaysia - Hong Kong - Australia, and now Shanghai and Tokyo.


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Yealink Conference and Cordless IP Phones


Cloud Solutions now offers the new conference and cordless IP phones from Yealink for small businesses.  Easy to use, convenient with high levels of clarity.  Call us today to learn how you can use the new range of Yealink phones.

Remove the cost of all telephone calls between offices by adopting Cloud PBX and VoIP. Connect Singapore - Malaysia - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Taiwan - Shanghai - Beijing - Tokyo - Sydney - Auckland and more.

Google Apps - Singapore

Cloud Solutions offers the Google Apps for Work (formerly Business) Cloud Computing platform along with other Cloud applications to help run your business cost effectively from anywhere in the world! Join 5 million businesses that have Gone Google!
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Google Apps for Work

Cloud File Storage 5000GB+

Cloud Storage Services Hong Kong

  • Access local files from any computer, smartphone or tablet

  • Sync multiple storage devices across multiple offices

  • Enforce folder permissions locally or online

  • Replicate your files to the cloud for remote backup

  • netgear Egnyte Cloud

    Store data locally on NetGear's ReadyNAS or Synology network attached storage supplied by us for full Cloud integration.

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    Zoho CRM - Real Value $$

    Zoho CRM Advanced Partner Consultants Singapore

    Time to stop using those spreadsheets! Zoho CRM offers an affordable and easy to use, Cloud based CRM system. Manage your emails, leads, and business contacts. Prepare quotes, sales orders and invoices. Everything you need to run and manage your business. Pricing starts at US$12 per month per user.


    Zoho CRM


    Provides iPhone and Android application. Works well in China. We are a fully certified Zoho Advanced CRM Partner.

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    Inventory Management with Unleashed Software

    Unleashed Inventory Management

    Unleashed software is a simple-to-use inventory management system and multi-channel sales tool. It helps businesses manage their suppliers, purchases, shipments, consignment stock, locations, warehouses, production (BOM) and sales through multiple channels.


    Offering intergration to Xero and Quickbooks Online.

    Expense Claim Management with Expensify

    Cloud Expense Claims with Expensify

    Expensify provides a simple way to manage expenses through its beautifully designed mobile app. Cash and credit card transactions can be instantly tabulated and emailed, company administrators can then review and approve hundreds of reports with just a few clicks.

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    Microsoft Cloud Computing

    microsoft office 365

    Cloud Solutions offers full implementation and migration services for Microsoft Office 365. This includes all plans from small and mid-sized business. Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Business Premium. Migrate from inhouse hosted Exchange to Cloud hosted Exchange. Active Directory Cloud sync is also available with Enterprise plans.

    Confused about going Google or Microsoft Office 365. Talk to the experts.

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    Business Data Protection

    backup2cloud and Cloud

    Cloud Backup Data Protection Services Backup2Cloud automatically protects your entire business with easy to use, secure and affordable onsite and offsite backup solutions with enterprise-grade features and web-based administrative dashboard to easily manage backup settings for all the computers and servers in your company.

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    Microsoft Windows Azure

    Microsoft Intune

    Microsoft's Scalable Infrastructure in the Cloud (IaaS).  Reduce your wait time to provision IT resources by rolling out apps and infrastructure in minutes via Microsoft's Windows Azure services. Hosted in Singapore and Hong Kong. Bring your Windows or Linux-based application to the cloud.

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    Zoho Business Applications

    Zoho Partner Hong Kong

    Zoho offers a suite of online web applications geared towards increasing productivity while delivering business productivity software that's cheaper and more accessible. Including Zoho CRM, E-Forms, Survey, Project, Invoicing, Expense, Reports, E-Newsletters and more. Learn more

    Xero Cloud Accounting

    Cloud Accounting Xero

    Award Winning Cloud Accounting from Xero. A Cloud only accounting system with over 500,000 small and midsized business subscribers. Cloud Solutions offers Xero accounting software along with integration between Xero and Zoho CRM.


    Zoho CRM and XERO


    Integration between Xero and Zoho CRM allows Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders to be created in Zoho CRM and then synchronized with Xero. Payment status from Xero is then sent back to the CRM. Changes to customer and supplier details remain in sync. Keeping accounting simple and accurate.

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    CloudPBX Hosted Telephone System.
    VoIP Technology

    CloudPBX Services
    cloud security

    Customer Relationship Management. Consultancy Services for Zoho CRM.

    Zoho CRM

    Protect Your Company Data. Backup and Restore only needs Internet access.

    Cloud Backup